Nuclear Weapons In Unreliable Hands

cropped-screen-shot-2017-11-18-at-12-46-18-am1.pngIt was the creation of modern science and technology, In itself was the potential to destroy all of mankind . It is caused by fission and fusion, it creates friction between nations and societies. It is what many call the greatest but also the deadliest invention of mankind. It could be the beginning of the end, pave the way to endless possibilities. It was the end of  world war 2 , It could be the beginning of world war 3.  It is what it is ,it is the bomb . While nuclear weapons do not pose an immediate and impending danger as they did during the cold war, the fact that nuclear weapons are in the hands of hostile and irresponsible dictators and even the possibility that terrorist groups could have access to  weapons of mass through the nuclear black market apprehends the society as whole . But as long as nuclear weapons are exist they will play an essential role in deterring the adversaries of human kind and the society as whole .

Nuclear terrorism is one of the most extreme threats faced by the society . Nuclear weapons have immense power that could have a huge impact on millions of people in the  society as whole  . Even though terrorist organizations do not have the technology to effect a nuclear attack , there is still the possibility of theft the nuclear stockpiles of various countries around the world by the terrorists . Especially in states like Pakistan, where the government is not stable and the country  is highly vulnerable to nuclear theft . Then there are dictatorial states like North Korea which defy the world order and continue to indulge in nuclear tests and the development of powerful nuclear weapons . Even after repeated warnings from international authorities and atomic agencies North Korea continues to conduct underground tests , which could not only result in the destabilization of the Korean peninsula but the globe as a whole . Even after repeated sanctions imposed on the country by the UNSC , it continues to be a unique case in the otherwise globalised and interdependent global nuclear scenario .




More often than not nuclear weapons are the only thing that have stood in between the world and world war 3 . The cold war could have easily been a world war in which billions of people would have died .Even though the United States and the Russian Federation (inheritor of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal ) have mutually agreed to reduce the large number of  nuclear warheads they inherited from the cold war era , we can still learn from the past incidents  like the Cuban missile crises .Gone is the time when nation states fought against nation states. Today is the day when the human society as a whole fights against the enemies of a peaceful , multi cultural , multi religion , pluralistic and democratic  society . No state can be an enemy in a multi polar world . All nations must be effectively and efficiently interdependent to avoid further conflict .


Even though all nations have had differences on nuclear policy , we do not stand a chance against this enemy which we are countering right now . This enemy does not stand behind a border , in fact this enemy has no border . He is deeply ingrained in our society and he is also  the greatest threat to the society. Terrorists are our toughest opponents and nuclear weapons are our deadliest weapons. When our toughest enemy has our deadliest weapon , he will be invincible to combat. Like the societies which unite after a terrorist attack in any city in any part  of the world , the various nuclear and non-nuclear states shall unite to prevent nuclear weapons from getting into the hands of terror groups . Otherwise there will be no cities to defend , people to protect and states to rule . The only power that will defeat this enemy is brutal force and the unity of forces . All the forces shall unite to create a new nuclear world order through safe , secure , controlled and united nuclear weapons programme on the principles of non-proliferation and  deterrence. Even though these two terms are oxymoronic they do exist now together in the real world!

For more analysis on deterrence  and nonproliferation , stay tuned for the next article on the same series.




  1. It is a really nice article on the possibility of nuclear weapons in unreliable hands. I am eagerly waiting for the second article of this series.


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